Joetsu, Niigata, Japan based artist Sean Edward Whelan on EMPTY KINGDOM

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Samples from James Roper's series “Rupture” and “Rapture” (The latter are the female figures inspired by porn stars)

Work by artist Iv Solyaev 

Yoshitaka Amano (天野 喜孝) is a Japanese artist well known for his illustrations and title logo designs for the Final Fantasy series.

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McBess aka Matthieu Bessudo is an “expensive illustrator and director” on EMPTY KINGDOM

The popular artist Audrey Kawasaki on EMPTY KINGDOM

Jeremy Enecio is a freelance illustrator and concept artist at Big Huge Games/38 Studios

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Couldn’t resist but to post this guy twice. Check out more of Jamie Bolton’s movie posters on EMPTY KINGDOM

Salem Massachusetts based artist Corinne Reid on EMPTY KINGDOM

Watch this intense and bizarre animated short Topo Glassato al Cioccolato by Milkyeyes on Empty Kingdom

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An EMPTY KINGDOM interview with concept designer, illustrator art director and sci-fi master Greg Broadmore

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Graphic designer Jamie Bolton creates brilliantly oversimplified movie posters.